B-sniper the first universal system tracing bending lines

“B-sniper is the first universal system tracing bending lines that quickly guides the operator in the most correct centering of the item to be bent with the tools, completely avoiding all the typical mistakes caused by the difficulty to set complicated and conical shapes to the back tools.”

“By using B-sniper, never more positioning mistakes even with wide range punches!”

Emiliano Corrieri – co-founder and teacher by the “Bending Academy”


No more inaccurate positioning on the punch or with the meter at the matrix centre. You only need a reference such as a laser marker, a hollow or a notch to be centered with B-sniper and it's done! It is suitable for Wila Trumpf and Amada Promecam Standard with every punch height.


You can insert the item with B-sniper in modality "on", you centre the bending line reference and ... you just bend it! Never more dangerous operations such as putting hands or the head between tools, when you want to bend your items in a correct and effective way!


B-Sniper is a superlative tool especially with big size items, diamond or calendered items, not regular or conical shapes. You can save up to 67% of positioning time (data based on real tests and simulations)

B-sniper was premiered at EuroBLECH 2018, with huge success!

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Regoular Price: 1.200€

B-sniper is available in 3 different variants, to be better adapted to your needs.

B-sniper let yourself guide by the light blade.

We designed this new device, after many requirements of our clients that need to increase speed and precision of their items to be processed.

“With B-sniper you immediately and drastically cut down any waste of time and money!”

Enrico Pasotto – CEO Triveneta Sistemi

If you ALSO want to stop losing money (and time) …

Fill out the FORM, you will be contacted to let you know the  RESERVED PRICE FOR YOU!

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